VCSE Forum 25 January 2023


Thank you to everyone attending the VCSE Forum at KingsGate Church on 25 January 2023. It was lovely to see so many organisations represented and we feel inspired by the many presentations and group discussions. You can find the presentations used, below. 


Presentation 1: Emma Baylin - Building a VCSE Alliance 

Presentation 2: Denise Madden - Building a South West London Voluntary, Community, Social Enterprise Alliance

Presentation 3: Sanja Djeric Kane - VCSE work with South West London ICS

Presentation 4: Louise Footner - Empowering People, Strengthening Communities 

Presentation 5: Joanne Moulton - Warm Spaces and Cost of Living


Thank you to all our presenters for taking time to visit the Forum in person. We appreciate all your effort and committment.

A special thank you as well to Lev Pedro Associates, RBK and South West London ICS




The 3-hour face-to-face session will be focusing on:

Building a Voluntary Sector Alliance in South West London

The voluntary sector across South West London is organising itself into a ‘VCSE Alliance’. Building on existing networks and forums, this Alliance will become an established part of South West London’s integrated care system (ICS).

This workshop will:

  • Explain how integrated systems will work and what this means for voluntary organisations
  • Provide an update on work that has been done so far
  • Offer an opportunity for local voluntary sector colleagues to contribute ideas for how the alliance will operate.

The workshop will be interactive, with opportunities to ask questions and discuss hopes and concerns, including in regards to what is happening locally in Kingston.

We will also be covering:

  • Update on the development of the VCSE Sector Strategy
  • The latest on ‘Warm Spaces’ in the borough
  • The new interim CEO of the Council, Sarah Ireland, will join us to address the Forum