KVA believes that the VCS has a key role as a partner in Kingston upon Thames. KVA works to ensure that its voice, and the voice of the communities it services, is heard - and that its contribution is understood, recognised and facilitated.

KVA sits on, and contributes to, a large number of Kingston-based Boards and Networks, as well as wider representative groups. KVA works closely with Navca, the national body for CVS organisations, working on the VCSE Emergency Response to Covid programme.  

This acts as a two-way street, ensuring that KVA is tapped into what is happening locally and more widely, and is able to pass that information on to Kingston's VCS.  It can also pass on information in the other directions, to ensure that Kingston VCS' local voice can have an impact and influence on local policy and in a wider stage.

KVA is a member of the following local Boards: 

  • Kingston Strategic Partnership
  • Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Local Safeguarding Children’s Board

Read about updates from the network and board meetings. 

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