We amplify the voice of the sector and showcase its value

KVA has always worked to ensure that the voice of the diverse range of organisations and communities we support is heard and that the sector’s contribution is understood, recognised and valued. Our role as the ‘voice’ of the VCSE sector has never been more important given the pressure under which most local organisations are working.

We use a variety of means to capture, report and raise issues facing the sector in order to influence the thinking, plans and approach of our statutory partners, in particular Kingston Council and local Health organisations.

This also means that KVA is tapped into what is happening locally and more widely and can pass on that information to local VCSE organisations.

We complete the loop by feeding back to the sector on decisions made, as well as on new initiatives and progress with ongoing plans.

We also take every opportunity to highlight the vital role and significant contribution that VCSE organisations make to the wellbeing of Kingston residents, particularly those that are more vulnerable.

How do we find out the views of the sector?

We use surveys to find out your views on a range of matters. These may be specific practical issues such as work premises, or more complex questions relating to finance, sustainability or long-term approaches to commissioning. Surveys are a really important way of us finding out what you think – there's strength in the shared voice.

KVA also facilitates a number of networks, including the Kingston CEO Network which offers an opportunity for local Chief Officers to discuss issues of concern in a supportive and private space. If you are a local CEO (or equivalent) and would like to join the Network, please email Jill Darling.

We use our informal and formal networks to pick up feedback and insights on issues as they arise, and produce occasional reports outlining the sector’s collective views on an issue, which are then shared with partners in a more formal way.

How do we report and raise issues?

Through membership of local Boards

We know that it’s vital for the sector to be in on important discussions and not every organisation (particularly the smaller ones) has the resources to be around every table.

KVA is a member of the following boards (please click the links for more details).

At meetings with senior officers of partner organisations

KVA is often invited as the ‘representative’ of the VCSE sector at specific meetings relating to different projects or strands of work. We know that we can’t do this alone and work with specialist colleagues/strategic leads from different parts of the sector so that decision-makers are aware of the VCSE perspective and how their plans might affect the sector.

We also help individual organisations take up particular issues

We are able to use our contacts to raise awareness of issues facing individual organisations, for example, ongoing relationships with statutory partners, or a particular crisis, such as negotiations around office leases, or staffing problems. If you would like our assistance, please contact our CEO, Sanja Djeric-Kane.

How do we showcase the sector?

We use every opportunity to showcase your work and value, at events and in meetings, both through formal presentations, and informal networking.

We also love to share your news and stories in our e-bulletins, on Twitter, Facebook and on our website.