Good Food Group

The Good Food Group brings together community groups, organisations and residents from across Kingston to work towards making healthy, nutritious and delicious food accessible and affordable for all.

Our goals:

  • We build community and advocacy support around food to improve economic, social and health outcomes for everyone in Kingston
  • We celebrate our rich diverse culture and unite our community around a love and enjoyment of food!
  • We work to reduce food waste

Community groups in the Good Food Group are working together to help the most vulnerable in our community. KVA can support groups with advice, training, access to funding and surplus food, as well as opportunities to network and contribute to future strategy.

If you are a community group, business or individual who is passionate about our vision to make delicious, nutritious food accessible to all, reduce food waste and share knowledge please join here to receive the Good Food Group newsletter, participate in events and contribute to making Kingston a place where everyone has access to nutritious, delicious food.

  • Gardeners and allotment holders can you help us by sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for food growing and help others by sharing your surplus fruit and veg through our Crop Drop scheme?
  • Businesses can you help us by sharing knowledge, skills and resources, reducing food waste, helping us quickly redistribute surplus food locally or hosting food events?
  • Community groups, faith groups, education and healthcare settings can you help us encourage everyone in the community to get involved in growing, cooking and sharing food?
  • Everyone - Are you a passionate foodie, cook or lover of food? Do you have time to volunteer, get involved in food events and contribute to your community?

Together we can make a difference!


View our Community Food and Advocacy Leaflet here

Please contact for more information.


Community Food and Advocacy Leaflet

Screen shot of first section of the leafletwith the logo and title text

To share further information about food provision and advocacy iniatiaves in Kingston, we've put together a leaflet that gets updated regularly.


View leaflet

Community Food Map