It is important that all organisations working with children and young people, and indeed, those that may work with them only casually at events or sessions where children may be present, have an understanding of children’s safeguarding. To that end, KVA strongly encourage all organisations that we work with, from children’s charities to environmental projects and everything in between, to utilise the training available from the Kingston & Richmond Safeguarding Children Partnership via the AfC Learning Portal  that is pertinent to their organisation.

Depending on need, bespoke training can be arranged under certain circumstances and Trustee Training is also available from KVA.

If you are unsure what training your organisation may need you should contact our Ask The Expert team… in this case our safeguarding lead Karen Penny via e-mail: for more information.

Training from Kingston & Richmond Safeguarding Children Partnership via the AfC Learning Portal 

Safeguarding Children training is available for all professionals and volunteers who work directly with or have contact with children and their families in Kingston and Richmond. 

For detailed information on which level of safeguarding training is appropriate to your role, read the Multiagency Safeguarding training guidance


Safeguarding level 1 and a number of introductory courses over a range of topics are available as eLearning via the Me Learning platform.

For support with eLearning, email 

Local Multiagency Safeguarding Training 

KRSCP training is hosted by Achieving for Children's learning portal. Note this is separate to the Me Learning portal, which hosts the eLearning and therefore you will require separate accounts on each platform as applicable.  

For details of current partnership training, visit the AfC Learning Portal and use the inbuilt search tool with term 'KRSCP' and follow the instructions for how to book as required.

If you are a pre-existing user of AfC's portal you will be required to log in using the profile and password you created previously. If you need to create an account, you will need to submit an account request.

For assistance contact  

Webcasts and recorded events 

Watch our webcasts on a range of safeguarding topics. These can be viewed as part of your own continuing professional development, or as part of team meetings or other group learning. The webcasts aim to stimulate reflection, discussion and debate on current safeguarding themes and issues.

Our webcasts and webinars:


Safeguarding is Everyone's Business

No child or adult should be made to feel unsafe. Everyone has a right to be safe from harm and abuse. All of us have a role to play in safeguarding, and never more so than during Covid-19. Download the Government publication 'Safeguarding is Everyone's Business' here. 

Safeguarding - Ask the Expert 

Karen Penny is KVA's Children & Young People lead, and can provide support and advice about safeguarding issues, covering general enquiries, training, policy and procedures, and trustee obligations. If you would like a free 45 minute consultation with Karen, you can book an appointment here. 

Safeguarding Children online training

Safeguarding children online training is provided on the dedicated website of Kingston and Richmond Safeguarding Children Partnership here. The site enables staff to self-register to access the e-learning courses.

Please click the 'self-register' button and then fill in your personal and organisation details. When you have done this, your details will be sent to the training team to validate your details. Once validated you will be sent your login details.

 'Child safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility' video  

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that fewer people are reporting child safety concerns, even though calls to Childline and Domestic Abuse support services have risen. Watch the information video here.


  Links to sites that can give further advice and information for staff, volunteers and clients

  • The Green Book, the ultimate resource for local safeguarding guidance, produced by KRSCP.
  • NSPCC Net Aware is a useful resource allowing parents to get the latest to social networks, apps and games their children are using, also they can see what the latest online scams and tactics are being used, how to set location settings, being a good digital role model to your child and anything else to enable parents to keep their kids safe online. 

Kingston Safeguarding adults resources

Safeguarding adults – Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) online resources