VCSE Forum Wednesday 13 September 2023


Forum 13 Sept


Thank you to everyone attending the VCSE Forum on 13 September 


We really enjoyed meeting so many valued colleagues at the VCSE Forum at KingsGate Church. Thank you to everyone attending as well as presenting. 


Please see the presentations from the Forum, below: 


Sara Milocco, the Director of the SWL VCSE Alliance 

Kate White, Manager of KVA's Superhighways team, VCSE representative on the SWL ICS Digital Board 

Jo Moulton, Programme Manager – Community Hubs at RBK and Sanja Djeric Kane, CEO of KVA (first 6 slides) and Kate Leyland, Corporate Strategy and Partnership Manager RBK (from slide 7)

Mentimeter feedback results


As requested by some meeting attendees, here is a link to the SWL Integrated Care Partnership Strategy

The strategy itself starts at page 18 of the PDF scrolling tool (rather than the document) and ends at page 40.

The report on the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) strategy starts at page 42 and ends at page 113.

The papers on the Innovation Fund start at page 137 of the scrolling tool.