VCSE/RBK IAG Commissioning Event 26 September 2023


The Council is committed to providing phase 3 services as a part of the new VCSE recommissioning in Kingston. Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) is a priority for the Council and the provision of both core and specialist services is expected to achieve various borough-wide outcomes for the residents. The successful providers of the above services will be required to have a role as the Council’s trusted partners, working in close partnership with the council’s various service areas and teams as well as other voluntary community sector organisations especially those considered to be a part of the new IAG signposting/referral process.

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames Council is sharing its commissioning intentions for its IAG services across the borough at the virtual VCSE IAG Commissioning Information Event on Tuesday 26 September 2023, 11.00-12.30. 

Access more information from RBK about the event, here.

In order to attend the event you will first have to register with London Portal following this link: 
Supplier registration (

Once you are on the Portal, you need to find the right opportunity: 'VCSE IAG Commissioning Information Event with The Royal Borough of Kingston' and then register you interest in attending the event on 26 September 2023.