Capacity building - funding

KVA offers local groups a range of support to help you towards your funding goal. Thinking through the various funding options available and helping you develop a funding strategy, we can help diagnose what additional support needs you might have in order to help you get ready for specific funding opportunities. If the funding opportunity requires you to have a business plan, for example, we can help you develop that. 


For details of upcoming funding deadlines, as well as rolling funding opportunities, please visit our funding page.


Grant Funding

We can look at appropriate funding sources for you, and help you put together a strong application to boost your chances of success. 

We can guide you through all steps of the funding process:

- Searching for relevant funds using the Grantfinder database
- Advising on what elements of work may be the most fundable
- Supporting you in writing funding applications.


Digital Fundraising and Crowdfunding

Are you interested in running a Crowdfunding campaign? Crowdfunding can be a way to utilise your support in the community to raise funds for your project, as well as raise your profile. We offer 'ad hoc' training on crowdfunding and showcasing local campaigns. Watch out for forthcoming training in this area (Jan - March 2021).



KVA can help you prepare to bid for commissioned work. We are planning on running a series of events to help prepare groups for commissioned work.


Collaborative working and building Consortia

KVA works with local groups who either want to work more closely together, or want to make funding bids as a Consortium. Since Covid 19 began,  KVA has bid for a Food Partnership and received National Lottery funding to enable a collaboration of  local VCSEs to provide food to residents, including its Korean and Muslim communities. Together with other local VSES we have also submitted a collaborative bid for funding from the Violence Reduction Unit, as well as for a Mental Health partnership in the borough. If you would be interested in forming  part of a future bid, contact Joanna Oliver at


Working with businesses

KVA is part of the local network providing Business Support (iBus) to local firms, as well as working with businesses to build partnerships to share ideas and expertise.


Newsletters and Training 

Look out for our mid-month  'Funding' newsletter - we offer updates on available funds and regular sessions on all aspects of fundraising.  We are now developing training for 2021. We also produce a monthly KVA newsletter. We are now planning training for 2021 and the newsletters will promote details on the training, as well as our forthcoming 'Ask The Expert' sessions (see below). 


If you would like to sign up to receive our e-bulletins, or join our networks, please complete this form.