Digital Champions needed

Become a volunteer Digital Champion today!



Kingston Voluntary Action (Superhighways) is recruiting Digital Champions!
This is an excellent opportunity to build your organisation’s capacity to support Kingston residents' digital inclusion and address barriers such as low digital skills, lack of access to devices, and data poverty. 

We’ll run a training and support programme for volunteers from Kingston’s voluntary, community, and social enterprise sector to upskill volunteers or staff to become Digital Champions.
Digital Champions’ Role:

As a Digital Champion, you’ll be supporting residents (your clients or community members) with issues they may be facing with digital and, therefore, missing out on better employment opportunities, access to key information and services, along with the wider benefits many of us take for granted from being online.

It’s a varied role- one minute, you may be explaining how to better use Google search; the next, helping someone find and install an app on an iPhone; and the next, setting up an email account, retrieving a lost password, or giving tips to stay safe and avoid scams. Each day is different, full of tech surprises and great opportunities to help take the frustration out of digital and device use for the people you work with and support so they can get things done.

Digital Champions will receive 4 in-person training sessions in July:  2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd, 10am to 1pm to:

  • understand the challenges in supporting people with technology
  • develop a person-centred approach over a technical one
  • practice and develop skills to assess and assist learners both remotely and in-person
Follow-up Support:

We will schedule three monthly support sessions as you start providing digital support in your communities. These sessions will allow you to ask questions and get further advice related to your new role.
Commitment Required:

Spaces are limited, so we require a commitment to complete the programme, which is attending the 4 in-person and 3 monthly follow-up sessions.
Additionally, participants will need to support at least 3 to 4 Kingston residents with digital skills, device support, and access to data by the end of September.
Become a Kingston Digital Champion – Online Taster Session will take place on:

11th June 2024 – Tuesday 13:00-13:30  and
20th June 2024 – Thursday,13:00-13:30
If you require more information, please call 020 8255 3335 or email