Bereavement Services and Support in Kingston - Community Engagement Report

Commissioned by South West London Clinical Group, KVA, together with our valued colleagues at Healthwatch Kingston, conducted research into people's experiences of bereavement services in Kingston. We are honoured to have been part of this partnership and are pleased to be able to share the outcome: Bereavement Services and Support in Kingston - Community Engagement Report.

Sanja Djeric-Kane, CEO of Kingston Voluntary Action, said: “Alongside Healthwatch Kingston we engaged with local people, running focus groups with seldom heard communities and surveys which front line service providers and community organisations helped us share with people to see what their experiences around bereavement are. We paid particular attention to faith, belief, and philosophy groups as it was in these areas, we predicted, that some work needed to be done.”

To find out how we, with cross-sector partners, worked to develop the public health, compassionate communities approach to better understand the impact bereavement has on our local population, you can find us on pages 66-67 in this national report. 

Identified in the report was a need for 'Living with Loss Champions' who would provide a human interface across the bereavement journey. Please email Howard Greenoff if you would like to learn more at

Thank you to everyone involved in this vitally important work and to all those sharing their experiences on such an emotive and sensitive topic.