Terms of use

Connected Kingston is a community web portal. If your organisation offers activities and services that improve the lives of residents in Kingston borough you should sign up to this free listing service to help us create the best possible resource for our community.

Once your organisation has registered, you can make the decision whether or not it is appropriate for you to take referrals.  

Read more in the section How to add your service/s.


Private Businesses

We do not accept listings from local businesses that have a charging policy underpinning their service delivery.  An example of this might be a residential home, where there is a contractual obligation that includes payment between the company and an individual.  

If however, your business has free or genuinely low cost community activities open to all residents interested in health and wellbeing activities, contact Kingston Voluntary Action. 

Phone: 020 8255 3335.

Email: connectedkingston@kva.org.uk