KVA is delighted to announce a new programme of support that will help local organisations become more effective, sustainable and attractive to funders.
Grant funders did a great job offering emergency funding during the pandemic, but high demand and harsh economic conditions mean that funding for smaller community organisations is increasingly difficult to secure.  Community organisations with limited resources could be frozen out of grant funding opportunities at a time when demand for services is greater than it has ever been.
About the programme
This short 5 month programme will take participants through the key stages of understanding what funders look for in a strong organisation, show how to develop a strong application, where to look for funding and how to report on the impact of your services. Delivery will be a combination of online, one-to-one and face to face group sessions.
Who this course is for
If you are a community organisation based in Kingston or deliver a significant proportion of your services in Kingston, if you have been in existence for at least 1 year, have income below £500,000, then this programme is for you to help improve your sustainability.
Our delivery partner
KVA is proud to be delivering this new support programme in partnership with KNW Consultancy & partners who have over 30 years of experience designing and delivering capacity building programmes, grant assessing and fundraising.
This is a pilot programme and we can only offer it to 10 local organisations – all we ask of you is to engage throughout the duration of the programme.

If you wish to benefit from this excellent offer, don’t delay, complete a simple application form (which should take less than 10 minutes) by Monday, 7 August 2023. Introductory session for shortlisted organisations - September 2023.

If you have any questions, please email Sanja.djerickane@kva.org.uk