Health and Social Care

KVA actively promotes awareness amongst its members, and the local community, of relevant national and local policy initiatives in the area of health and social care services.

We collaborate with both voluntary and statutory sector organisations to support the health and wellbeing of our local population, considering the wider determinants of health. This work ranges from influencing strategic policy, to support for programmes of work with communities to tackle inequalities that impact on health and wellbeing

We disseminate information between the statutory and voluntary sectors to identify the need for, and to facilitate the development of, new initiatives to keep people well. The sphere of activity covers health promotion, disease prevention and supporting voluntary sector health and social care service providers to deliver quality services.

KVA has a representative role in relevant planning and with decision-making health and wellbeing partnerships:

  • KVA is a voting member of Kingston’s Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Has an advisory role on the Health Overview Panel
  • A member of the Kingston and Richmond Tobacco Control Alliance
  • A member of the Kingston Alcohol Strategy Steering Group
  • A member of Kingston’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Working Group and its community Voice sub-group

KVA also works with the Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group on engagement, alongside the South West London NHS Collaborative Commissioning Public and Patient Engagement Steering Group.

We are closely involved with The Better Care Programme, and work closely with colleagues at Kingston Healthwatch.

As part of the South London CVS Partnership, we work together to share information and expertise in response to the latest and current health agendas that affect the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) in the South London region.


Health & Wellbeing Network

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Patricia Turner
Health & Social Care Manager

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