Kingston Health and Wellbeing Board 

Kingston Health and Wellbeing Board brings together Elected Members and senior leaders from the Council, the Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group, Healthwatch Kingston, and health and care organisations including the voluntary and community sector. The board’s ‘reason for being’ is to make sure that health and social care outcomes for people in Kingston are the very best they can be.

One of the standing items of the Board meetings are updates on the Kingston Health and Care Plan.

The NHS, Kingston Council, Public Health, the voluntary sector and Healthwatch launched this two-year plan in November 2019 to meet the health and care needs of people living in Kingston.

Why is it important that you are familiar with this plan and its priority areas for improvement? Because KVA, as one of the partners also submits a report for every Board meeting and it is a unique opportunity for us to tell the other Board members about how the local VCSE contributes to the Kingston Health and Care Plan, and generally about our successes, issues and any external funding we bring to the borough. 

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