Kingston Health and Wellbeing Board 

The Kingston Health and Wellbeing Board meets bimonthly and they are about to go through the Local Government Association Peer Review. This will include looking into things that it is doing well and things that can be done better.  

Kingston Health and Wellbeing Board brings together Elected Members and senior leaders from the Council, the Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group, Healthwatch Kingston, and health and care organisations including the voluntary and community sector. The board’s ‘reason for being’ is to make sure that health and social care outcomes for people in Kingston are the very best they can be.

It is co-chaired by the Leader of the Council, Liz Green and Dr Naz Jivani.

One of the standing items of the Board meetings are updates on the Kingston Health and Care Plan, by Iona Lidington, Director of Kingston Public Health. The NHS, Kingston Council, voluntary sector and Healthwatch have launched this two-year plan in November 2019 to meet the health and care needs of people living in Kingston.

Why is it important that you are familiar with this plan and its priority areas for improvement? Because KVA, as one of the partners also submits a report for the every Board meeting and it is a unique opportunity for us to tell the other Board members about how the local VCSE contributes to the Kingston Health and Care Plan, and generally about our successes, issues and any external funding we bring to the borough. 

For the next Kingston HWBB we decided to focus on the Start Well Theme from the Kingston Health and Care Plan. 

You can read the full agenda and reports from the last Kingston HWBB and the minutes of the previous Board meeting held on 11 November 2019. 

You can also read Iona Lidington (Director of Public Health Kingston) 6-month update on progress against Health and Care Plan.   

VCSE review on commissioning  

You may be wondering where things have got to in the Review of Commissioning to the VCSE in Kingston. Here is a brief update as of 4 February 2020 when Sanja and Jill met with Sarah Ireland, Executive Director of Corporate and Communities RBK, and Genine Whitehorne, Programme Director - Strategic Transformation RBK.    

  • RBK has been collating data from last year’s workshops and the Commissioning Survey – the survey had 20 responses from the VCSE and issues were raised about proportionality, the importance of rebuilding relationships and the benefits of partnership working. 
  • The Chief Officers’ Network also submitted their document to the Commissioning Team setting out a joint VCSE view of what they would like to see coming out of the Review.
  • We heard at the end of last year (at the workshop held in Surbiton Library) that there would be a ‘single pot’ of funding dedicated to the VCSE but RBK is still working on identifying exactly what would be in that pot.  
  • The recently released RBK budget papers set out the proposal to create a ‘dedicated resource’ to launch and manage this new VCS commissioning fund (called the Kingston Together Fund) in 2020/21 with an additional amount of ‘mitigation funding’ available in 2021/22 and 2022/23 to support any organisations impacted by changes in their commissioning arrangements. (See Annex 5 Line 18). The Budget goes to Full Council for approval on 27 February 2020.
  • Once the amount of funding is agreed, RBK will look at priorities for funding to the VCSE based on the outcomes set out in the RBK Corporate Plan.  These are quite broad at the moment and will be broken down into more detailed priorities, particularly focusing on gaps in services and current and emerging needs. 
  • Opportunities will start to become clearer from April 2020. The Council is still working to a timescale that will allow new arrangements to go live in April 2021.  However, if for any reason this is delayed this will be communicated and current arrangements may be extended beyond April 2021 as necessary.
  • More work is needed to develop the mechanism for awarding funding and this should be ready by the end of March and will be submitted to the Community Engagement Committee for approval, along with proposals for how the fund mentioned in the budget papers will be managed, including the use of any ‘mitigation’ funding for organisations who might be affected by funding decisions.  
  • There may also be other opportunities for VCSE organisations to tender for work that would be put out to the open market, particularly if they were to work in partnership to offer ‘complex solutions’. 
  • A further update will be available at the Voluntary & Community Sector Partnership Board on 27 February 2020, 13:30 - 15:00 to be held at the Richard Mayo Centre and we will continue to provide updates in the newsletter. 

There are still many questions to be answered and we would welcome your input so that we can take any further issues you would like to raise to the Voluntary and Community Sector Partnership Board. 
Please get in touch with Jill Darling  if you want to discuss anything further.