Voluntary Sector Forum meeting 26 January 2022


The VCSE Sector Forum provides a space for VCSE organisations in the borough who offer activities or services to people in Kingston to raise and discuss issues that impact on the sector together with statutory partners. 

The Forum aims to: 

  • Build relationships, co-operation and support within the sector and between the sector and statutory and other partners 

  • Provide an opportunity for statutory partners to raise issues of concern relating to the VCSE sector 

  • Showcase, highlight and increase understanding about the role and contribution of the VCSE sector 

  • Keep the sector up to date by sharing information 

The Forum meets every 2-3 months.


Our next meeting is on 26 January 2022 10 am to 12 noon. To book your place, please click here.




VCSE Strategy developments and the future of commissioning to the VCSE

Louise Footner and Charlotte Rohan from Kingston Council will talk about the recently published Community Engagement 2019 Report' which sets out the findings from the Review of Commissioning to the VCSE sector carried out by the Council in 2019. Although the report pre-dates the Pandemic its findings are still very much of interest. 

What can we take from this to inform the VCSE strategy developments?


Kingston Adult Education – building relationships with the VCSE sector

Bex Spencer and Michael Crowder from Social Finance are conducting an Independent Review of Kingston Adult Education (KAE).

They will talk to us about how much the VCSE sector uses KAE at the moment, and ask what opportunities we see in working with them better in the future.


Developments in the Integrated Care System in South West London: South West London VCSE alliance and ICS

Simone Hensby from Lev Pedro & Associates will share the research they are carrying out on behalf of six south west London boroughs and the SWL CCG to better understand the structures, forums and networks that exist in each of the boroughs, how influential they are, and how things can be improved.

This research will assist with the development of a proposed system-wide VCSE Alliance that will hopefully be embedded in the South West London integrated care system (ICS). Simone is keen to find out more about our borough and its networks and connections.