Suicide Awareness presentations

Suicide Awareness presentations


In 2021, KVA hosted two presentations on Suicide awareness. 

The Suicide Awareness presentations, on behalf of SWL Suicide Prevention Project, lasted for 30 minutes. The purpose of this presentation was to bridge the gap between a lack of awareness about suicide, and a full or half day training on the topic. We were trying to reach as many people as possible so everyone was welcome. The presentation was designed to:
• Raise awareness of increasing suicide rates in the UK.
• Understand the signs and symptoms of someone who may feel suicidal.
• Understand how we can help.
• And provide access to further training on suicide prevention.

Our presenter, Matt has also asked that we share the following links with you: 

Mind leaflet about supporting someone who feels suicidal:


Zero Suicide Alliance support & training:


Stay Alive App:


Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide support:


If you are interested in becoming a suicide prevention champion, or attending a half day training, please get in touch with Matt at