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Do you offer a service, group, club or activity that you would like to promote on our Connected Kingston website? 

Connected Kingston is a web-based directory of activities and services, dedicated to helping Kingston residents, social prescribers and frontline workers find local activities, services, clubs and groups that benefit local communities throughout the borough. Kingston Libraries have produced this short video showcasing the site and what it can offer.

Our goal is to help residents of Kingston stay happy, healthy and connected to each other, and to maintain and build Kingston's community so that we can all live our best lives. The service is free, and our aim is to have an online hub where members of our community, and care providers, can locate and access useful services easily and in one place.

Services on the site are grouped by different categories, you can filter activities by cost, there’s a handy map function, and even an integrated translation function so you can see the site in over 100 different languages.

Here’s what some of our Connected Kingston users have to say about the site:

I've had a look through the Connected Kingston website and I've got to say I think it is fantastic! It is so easy to follow and exactly what every community needs."  John, Happy at Home

 I found registering very easy! I liked how it was easy to go back and edit details, particularly at the end where I had to make some adjustments.” Pippa at BorrowMyDoggy

"Once you get going, updating your pages on Connected Kingston is quite quick and easy. Ruth was really helpful and at the other end of the phone if I needed further support or had questions." Soraya at Kingston Adult Education

Services and organisations that are listed on the site must be: a community, voluntary or faith-based service; a Council or other statutory service; a commercial provider offering services to Kingston residents that support health, wellbeing and/or community for free or a reasonable charge, or a commercial service that is contracted or spot purchased under a commissioning arrangement with the Royal Borough of Kingston Council, intended to improve the health, wellbeing or independence of Kingston residents. If in doubt, please ask us.

If you would like to add your service, group, club or activity onto our Connected Kingston website, we would love to hear from you! You are welcome to self-register here by following the step-by-step instructions, or if you would like some assistance with this, please get in touch with us at and we will be very happy to guide you through the process.

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