The Children and Young People Network update

The Children and Young People Network update

The Children and Young People (CYP) Network offers local VCS organisations, statutory agencies, commissioners and funders the opportunity to meet, exchange news and information, and discuss future planning.

The network is coordinated by the Children and Young People Project Officer at Kingston Voluntary Action and is a key area of work to allow discourse and the opportunity for organisations to meet and identify potential areas of complementary and even joint work for future projects to meet surfacing or already identified need.

Each meeting is different with the most recent being around RBK signing up to the Armed Forces Covenant, and how our sector support service families. This lead to an in-depth, and very energetic discussion, by the end of which we had a number of potential solutions for some long term issues, with various organisations taking the lead on individual items pertinent to their areas of work. It was a very positive meeting and we left with a sense of positivity and looking forward to the feedback due at the next meeting (on the 5th December) when we will exchange updates on how we have all done on the targets we set ourselves and our organisations.

Other areas covered in the last year have included Achieving for Children’s commissioning intentions and how their commissioning process works. Their commissioning lead was also glad to receive feedback from the VCS as to their experience of the process and discussions around lead times and delays in the tendering processes were fed back and taken on board. We also hosted the lead commissioner for children’s services in RBK who came to speak about commissioning priorities for the borough and to give feedback on the CYP plan 2017-2021.  There is also regular feedback from the Kingston and Richmond LSCB on current trends, areas of concern and updates on training and policies and procedures.

Any organisation that is working with, or wishes to work with children, young people and families is welcome and encouraged to attend.

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