Eco-op clients enjoy the sun with a bike ride

People riding a bike

The hottest day of the year dawned, it had to be the day Eco-op was going for a bike ride.  We met up at Ham Youth Centre, our temporary location and a great place to start a sunny social saunter down the towpath.

Once we’d sorted out our bikes and helmets, we set off into the sun, suntan lotion still shining on our arms and water bottles dripping with condensation in our bottle cages.

Passing in front of Ham House and onto Melancholy Walk, we saw the polo field (no polo today) and soon found ourselves on the towpath, bowling along beside the cool river, in and out of the shade of the foliage, light twinkling off our spokes and the sweat on our brows.

It was time for a quick break so we stopped to chat to some dog walkers and dogs, both of which were friendly.

The sun was getting high and we pushed on, preparing ourselves for lunch at the Hawker Centre.  Once there, we set about our sandwiches and cold drinks with glee.

It was too much for one of our hot riders, so the main bunch carried on and we were one less as we approached Canbury Gardens and Kingston.  After a quick stop we set off back through Ham to the youth centre, returning on time for the end of the day.

Despite some complaints of backside pains, a hot good time was had by all and we’re looking forward to the next trip out along the Thames.

Thanks to Tanya and Martin for marshalling on the day and to Ben at Ham Youth Centre and Achieving For Children for the loan of the bikes and helmets. We had a great day.

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