Kingston Eco-op Covid relief fund

Kingston Eco-op – Covid relief fund Appeal

Kingston Eco-op is a local charitable project, they offer a range of social activities to a diverse group of vulnerable adults with learning disabilities, autism and/or mental health issues. They aim to support, personal and social change by offering stimulating activities to encourage participation, thus reducing social isolation and providing a sense of belonging.

Supporting our community during lockdown
During this difficult time, they have adapted their service. They have delivered self-care packages, resources such as English/Maths worksheets, word searches and colouring books as well as one of the mainstay activities their members enjoy – poppy making. They also continue to provide essential emotional support via weekly telephone calls, and online activities that include exercise classes, music workshops and storytelling to keep their members motivated.
The lockdown has forced their members apart and, sadly levels of isolation and loneliness have increased. Some of their members are lucky to live in care homes run by passionate staff yet others live alone, separated from family and friends. About half of their members have no internet access or online possibilities and hence are yet further isolated.

Community Companionship Matters
With the easing of restrictions, Eco-op members will require extra care and attention and support to slowly re-build confidence, to engage with others and find a pathway back to wellness and wellbeing. To achieve this, their staff are planning a gradual approach which begins with one-to-one outreach support work to re-connect with the community, leading to small group work for people to re-engage with each other again.

They need your help today

They need your help more than ever in order to maintain this essential support and outreach service to their members during this uncertain time.

Please support by donating today. Just click or view the link below.

£10 could pay for art materials making a big difference to someone living alone.
£25 could pay for group exercise sessions with a well-being trainer to improve on their fitness and physical health
£50 could pay for 1-1 client support sessions to support their mental health needs.

Kingston Eco-op are also currently taking new referrals to their service, to find out more information please email or phone 07947 574123

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