In conversation about conservation with Citizen Zoo

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of attention across the news and social media landscape over the climate change protests. A lot of charities and groups are working hard towards raising awareness of the environment and our impact on it, sustainable living and conservation. One group that is working tirelessly in Kingston to raise the profile of the natural world in Kingston is Citizen Zoo.


Kingston’s Natural Wonders

Elliot Newton, Head of Conservation at Citizen Zoo, tells us a bit more about what they are doing and how you can get involved. Citizen Zoo is a local social enterprise aiming to inspire Kingston residents about the wonderful natural wonders that surround them, and engage with communities to improve local green spaces and nature reserves. Soaring Peregrine Ffalcons diving at incredible speeds, critically endangered European Eels fighting against the currents of the Hogsmill, and vibrant Dragonflies patrolling the riverbanks, are just a few of what there is on offer in this vibrant landscape.


The WILD side

To raise awareness Citizen Zoo are giving Kingston’s wildlife the biggest stage the borough has to offer, the Rose Theatre Kingston, on Sunday 09 June at 4.30pm. This afternoon event will be a fantastic celebration of the natural heritage and the incredible wildlife spectacles that Kingston has to offer, as well as a chance to celebrate the numerous community groups who strive to improve our local environment.

Guests will hear from some incredible speakers who have enthralled and captivated television audiences about wildlife. The line-up includes:

  • BBC wildlife presenter and entomologist George McGavin;
  • David Lindo 'The Urban Birder', a broadcaster and author who has brought London's birds to our TV screens;
  • Derek Gow, who is one of the most forward thinking and proactive conservationists in the UK and who will also be helping Citizen Zoo bring back Water Voles to a local river.

At the event they will be premiering a film that their good friend Tom Hooker has made, showcasing the Hogsmill River's wildlife and narrated by the wonderful Griff Rhys Jones. Tom is a Kingston resident and BBC wildlife cameraman who has worked on productions like Blue Planet 2.

“Our aim is that this event will ignite people’s curiosity about the natural world around us and encourage them join the increasing numbers of volunteers across the borough who strive to improve our local environment for both wildlife and the community. The event is suitable for all ages, young and old alike, and we really hope that you can join us on Sunday 9th June and step into Kingston’s wilder side!”

Sign Up

Tickets are on sale now at where you can also read more about all the speakers. You can also follow #WILDKingston and Citizen Zoo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.