Grants to commissioning survey

In 2015, the Royal Borough of Kingston Council (RBK) took a decision to move it’s voluntary and community sector (VCS) funding from grants to commissioning.  The subsequent commissioning process started in 2016.

Kingston Council, a long standing supporter of the VCS, has made public commitments about the way that statutory bodies and VCS will work together in Kingston in the Voluntary Sector Compact and the Voluntary and Community Sector strategy. These documents outline recognition by the council that VCS have certain needs around funding (including funding for core costs and long term funding), and a commitment from the council to be flexible in its commissioning process.

With much of the initial commissioning process now having taken place, Kingston Voluntary Action, which works to create, support and amplify community action in Kingston upon Thames and chairs the Kingston Voluntary and Community Sector Board, is working with the Royal Borough of Kingston council (RBK) to ascertain how these first steps of the commissioning process went, the impact it had on the organisations taking part and the service now being delivered.

The survey will take 5 – 10 minutes to complete and is for organisations who successfully went through the commissioning process, as well as those who chose not to take part or were unsuccessful.

The survey findings will be presented to the RBK Treasury Committee in March and will be made publicly available.

The survey will be administered by Kingston Voluntary Action. Please note that we ask what organisation you are from, so that we can be aware if we have responses from multiple people from one organisation. All answers will be anonymised before the report is sent to Kingston council. We ask that you speak freely about your experiences.

The survey will close on February 24th. You can find the survey here. 

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