Involving Volunteers


There are a lot of offers of help during the current and unprecedented crisis. It is both heart-warming and gratifying to see our community coming together to help our more vulnerable neighbours. 

We would encourage all new community groups, unused to working with volunteers, to use only those volunteers with enhanced DBS checks to work directly with vulnerable people and children. 

Some groups are looking to ensure boredom and isolation are lessened by keeping in phone contact with those isolating, collecting books for a shared library delivery or many other initiatives that have been suggested. Unchecked volunteers will be able to shop, help to co-ordinate deliveries etc.  


Volunteer Handbook for Neighbourhood Volunteer Initiatives

If you are running a local mutual aid group or community response to coronavirus in your area, this example handbook can help you manage your activities safely.

Produced by Kingston Voluntary Action and Volunteering Kingston, it includes inductions, risk assessments, role descriptions, safeguarding and more.

Download the Example Volunteer Handbook for Neighbourhood Volunteer Initiatives


Thanks also to for giving us permission to share this video illustrating best practice we should all be following when involving volunteers at this time:


Supporting Volunteers from Robin on Vimeo.


Don't need volunteers right now? 

If you don't have a need for volunteers directly at your organisation at this time or for your own local community response - please signpost them to Kingston Stronger Together.