Information from Achieving for Children


The following links will give you the most up to date information from Achieving for Children who are constantly updating their site as the situation and instructions change. 

Voluntary and community groups should pass this on to any parents that they are in contact with.  

There is also advice regarding childcare costs here. 


Advice to give to parents that become unwell themselves.

It is very important that suitable carers are chosen for your children, if close family members are not available.  Private Fostering is a term used when close family members or legal guardians are not used to care for children for more than 28 days. The SPA (Single Point of Access) would need to be informed to assess the safety of this placement for children aged until 16 years of age.

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To conclude, with so many offers of help from our neighbours through the various COVID-19 support groups in the borough, we should be able to ‘ride this storm’ and come out of this a stronger, kinder and more united community. 

Further advice and information on keeping your children safe can be sought from the Kingston and Richmond Safeguarding Partnership webpages.