Community information for Kingston residents to stay well and safe

Information on minimising the spread of Coronavirus

New restrictions have come into place and include staying at home:
  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or essential work
  • Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home

Full guidance on staying at home and social distancing please visit the dedicated Coronavirus page and check on a regular basis to take the recommended actions as they are updated. 

Information from Achieving for Children


The following links will give you the most up to date information from Achieving for Children who are constantly updating their site as the situation and instructions change. 

Voluntary and community groups should pass this on to any parents that they are in contact with.  

There is also advice regarding childcare costs here. 


Advice to give to parents that become unwell themselves.

It is very important that suitable carers are chosen for your children, if close family members are not available.  Private Fostering is a term used when close family members or legal guardians are not used to care for children for more than 28 days. The SPA (Single Point of Access) would need to be informed to assess the safety of this placement for children aged until 16 years of age.

Find out more on:

To conclude, with so many offers of help from our neighbours through the various COVID-19 support groups in the borough, we should be able to ‘ride this storm’ and come out of this a stronger, kinder and more united community. 

Further advice and information on keeping your children safe can be sought from the Kingston and Richmond Safeguarding Partnership webpages. 

Information for working parents


With schools closed, keyworkers are still able to access support with childcare. Vulnerable children are also covered by this initiative. More detail on this should be found on the RBK websiteFor all children that are eligible for this support, school settings are also being encouraged to continue support over the Easter holidays. 

The official criteria for categories of keyworker can be found here 

If you have to work, but are not classified as a keyworker and are unable to get childcare, do not appeal for help online on open forums as this may leave your child vulnerable. Use DBS checked volunteers, preferably with childcare experience. Better still see if there are other parents that you already know, that you can share childcare duties with. Sadly, there may be some people that see access to vulnerable people and children as an opportunity. 

Many parents and carers will need to make decisions about whether to leave their child alone for short or longer periods. Here is the best advice from the NPSCC Home Alone guidance

If you are reliant on older siblings taking care of younger children if you are incapacitated, you should bear in mind the following guidance from the NSPCC on this - Keeping Children Safe in the Home


To make sure Kingston residents get the help they need during the coronavirus pandemic, the council has launched a new online and phone service.

The service is for those that need help with food, prescriptions or who feel lonely.


Register you or someone else for support

If you or someone you know needs this support, please fill in this online form at any time and the council will contact you. 

If you do not have online access you can phone 020 8547 5000.  If your request is not urgent please try to call us between Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

If your call is urgent, the number will be answered out of these hours but we need to prioritise these times for urgent calls only.

Thank you for supporting us to prioritise the most vulnerable.  


For all non-emergency medical enquiries

Please continue to contact the NHS on or call 111.