Balance employment support for women returning to work

Balance Employment Support Teams – Women Returning to Work

Balance's service, funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), was created because they realised that many women needed support to successfully return to work after taking some time out.

Balance know that behind every woman, is a different set of unique needs and our service will provide 1-1 support based on your needs. They want to empower you in your job search by coaching you through the process – you bring the motivation, and they will bring the support!

One participant said of the service: 

"Returning to employment after a few years to solely look after my young family, I felt nervous and unsure as to my abilities in the workforce. Miranda restored my confidence and tailored my out of date CV to attract the right employer for my circumstances. The meetings are in-depth and Miranda worked hard to understand myself as a person but also my needs as a working mother. By just the second meeting, I felt empowered to apply to many different roles and sold myself with the confidence I was reminded I deserved, achieving a great role with benefits."

Balance anticipate a few areas that might help you, but this list is by no means exhaustive, as we know that your needs will drive what this service provides:

• Core Values Reflection – do you know what you really want from your job and life? What type of job environment do you perform best in and enjoy? What tasks leave you feeling fulfilled? When have you felt proud? Balance will ask lots of questions about your experiences to help you determine your direction. With this direction, your job search will be much more focused, and you can assess jobs versus your core values and check that they are aligned. A job which is aligned to what you need is much more likely to be successful.
• CV and Covering Letter Assessment and Tips – your CV and covering letter should shine out and make the reader believe that you are the person they want to hire, before they’ve even spoken to you. Let’s look at your CV versus jobs that you are interested in and discuss how you might best position your application
• Interview Practice – you may not have had an interview for some time and want a dry-run to boost your confidence. Balance can set up mock interviews based on jobs you want to apply for and give you feedback
• Optimising Your Job Search – can anyone really tick all the boxes in any of the job specifications out there? Let’s look at some jobs you are interested in and assess them rationally to determine if they are a good match. You aren’t expected to tick all the boxes and you need some challenges. If you have enough selling points and a role aligns to your core values, then it’s worth going for.
• Interview Reflection – not all interviews go according to plan and it’s important to look back and determine what can be changed for next time.
• Confident Me – self-esteem and motivation can be impacted by time away from any work environment and Balance want to help build you back up so that you believe in yourself and apply for jobs with a positive mindset, knowing that you can be successful.

Please download the Application Form if you think the service could be of help.


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