Asad-Ur-Rasheed Khan, ICT Support Worker

I work for KVA's Superhighways project as an ICT Support Worker. I am an undergraduate Games Programming student at Kingston University, working at KVA for my placement year.

Prior to this role I have done a couple of online courses on programming. I have done a 3 month internship programming and building industrial robots at the best technical university in Pakistan and I was an assistant to a couple of my teachers in high school. I am a computer expert with prolific programming skills in Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic and Q-basic. I recently won a programming competition at the university.  I am also a video editor and have won competitions in this as well.

My role here is particularly challenging for me since I have to use my troubleshooting skills to understand how an Operating System, Server and a Network works. The best part of my job is speaking to lots of clients every day and helping them with their IT issues. Normally IT experts are meant to sit and operate the backend of the business but here I love hearing from our clients and advising them on something that is crucial for their organisation.

My hobbies include learning a language and studying literature. I love reading plays by Oscar Wilde and Tennessee Williams in particular. I love playing video games, cycling, swimming, playing cricket and playing squash.