As Covid restrictions ease this month, Save the World Club are proposing the creation of inclusive spaces - Square 1 Cafes - around the borough, where people can be together safely, and where they can help each other. 

Tony Williams, project lead at Save the World Club, tells us

“We’ve been in various degrees of lockdown since March 2020. While we’ve all been in the same storm, we are not all in the same boat. As we emerge from our isolation, we may find that some of us are fairly well afloat, comfortable even. Others of us may be in one form of distress or another, maybe more than one. We might be jobless for the first time; we might be struggling with our mental health; we may have been isolated alone, or with people who are not good for us; we may have lost people who matter to us; we may have lost everything.

Square 1 cafes are going to feel like a regular cafe. With no till. Everyone is welcome, and everything will be free. If you want, you can just come and sit in it and have a cup of tea (or similar), and be around other people. Anything else you choose to do is extra, and depends on you, and the people you meet there.

The cafes will be safe spaces, welcoming and kind.”
Save The World Club hopes to open their first cafe, based in New Malden Library, at the end of July, and plans to open others, in the South of the borough, and in central Kingston, in the coming months.
If you would like to be involved in this project, or you are interested in delivering your service through the cafes, or you wish to signpost to, or be signposted from, them, please email Tony at
If you would like to volunteer to help, please see here for more information about some of the roles needed: Organiser, Befriender, Helper