Kingston and Richmond Safeguarding Children Partnership (KRSCP) are recruiting a community lay member who lives in Kingston for the KRSCP partnership work around vulnerable children and adolescents.

Contact for more details.

The KRSCP brings together agencies and organisations across the two boroughs to work together to keep children and young people safe and promote their emotional health and wellbeing.

What does a lay member do?
Lay members are members of the public who will bring their personal and professional experience or knowledge to multi-agency safeguarding children working groups that look at improving the quality of services provided to local children and families.

Who are they looking for?
They are looking for people living in our community of Kingston who care about keeping children and young people safe, well and able to access services they need and require, including e.g. education and health services. The lay member’s role is particularly important now, as we know that Covid-19 restrictions have impacted on all of our lives in many different ways.

Why become a lay member?
Becoming a lay member is a rewarding role in which you can:
• Help make a difference to children and young people in your city by working to improve services that could improve lives.
• Improve your communication skills, as well as your confidence, by working with people from a wide range of backgrounds and skills.