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Seeking services / activities to join Connected Kingston


Connected Kingston is the new Social Prescribing system for Kingston. We are looking for services to join the system and accept referrals through it. Please see the Connected Kingston Referral Pledge which outlines how the referral process works and what response we would expect from services.  


To sign up to the system there is a two-step process.

STEP 1:  Complete the  Service Data Entry form and confirm that you are happy to be listed on the system.

Please note  - This form may take a bit of time to complete. In order to save your progress and come back to it later, you can skip ahead to the end and click 'SUBMIT'. This will save your entry, but will still allow you to come back and complete any skipped sections.

STEP 2: Complete the ‘Count me in Form’ confirming that you have relevant policies in place and  pledge to commit to certain behaviours. 


If you have any questions please contact Julie Bristow on 0208 255 3335 or 

See further information about Connected Kingston.