The Leader of Kingston Council, Councillor Liz Green, has written a letter to local voluntary and community sector organisations to thank them for their response to the Corona virus and to reassure them that the Council is taking account of the level of disruption being experienced. 

In particular, the Review of Commissioning to the VCSE is being paused and all current funding/contract arrangements will be extended by another six months to September 2021.

The Council also recognises that it won't be possible for VCSE organisations to comply with current contract performance requirements under the circumstances. 

The Mayor of London has announced a £1 million fund to be managed by London Funders to support VCSE organisations facing immediate financial pressure and uncertainty.  The Council has offered its support for local groups to access this fund and KVA will be doing the same.

KVA is also changing its way of working and re-prioritising efforts to support the community.  We will be continuing to send out newsletters and information and to offer our services where we can via email, the website and other means.

The voluntary and community sector is vital to the lives of so many local people and we will work together as we always have to support them.