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Update from Kingston Eco-op a project of Kingston Voluntary Action 

Love Kingston, a project of Kingston Voluntary Action, is a campaign and fund for the changing needs of communities in Kingston. We raise money through events, sponsorship, corporate partnership - and just about any activity we can think of - and make sure that this money goes to supporting people in Kingston now and in the future. A proportion of funds raised is given in grants to local groups, with another proportion of fundraising going to build up a large sustainable Legacy Fund, so that in years to come this will continue to produce resource that can be invested in our community.

Maintaining a separate service in Kingston is increasingly difficult due to cuts in legal aid funding. As Bob has said  It's just impossible for fundraising or volunteering by lawyers to overcome all of the damage done by the funding cuts” nevertheless all who work in this sector are determined to keep the services going and we are looking for grant opportunities and donations to support Kingston. We need your help. Please get in touch if you would like to make a donation or if you can help us organise a fundraising event or activity.  

Kingston Bereavement service are looking for volutneers for The Saying Goodbye Project.

Tanya Edridge-Cook, Operations Manager, Kingston Eco-op talks about what she and the Eco-op project have been doing over the past few weeks. 

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