Converting to a CIO

This information is intended to keep our members up to date as KVA moves through the process of conversion from an ‘unincorporated association’ to a ‘Charitable Incorporated Organisation’ or ‘CIO’.

KVA passed a resolution at its AGM in November 2014:

To establish and register with the Charity Commission, a CIO with the name ‘Kingston Voluntary Action’.That the CIO should have the proposed Constitution – or, should the Commission require any alterations in order to register the CIO as a charity, as close to that Constitution as possible, whilst meeting with the Commission’s requirements.That any or all of KVAs Trustees holding office when the application to form the CIO, is made may be the first Trustees of the CIO.

Subject to the successful establishment of the CIO, to transfer all KVAs undertakings, assets and liabilities, including membership, to the CIO.Subject to the establishment of the CIO and necessary transfers, to wind up, dissolve and remove from the Charity Commission register, the unincorporated association named Kingston Voluntary Action.

We are taking the opportunity to update or introduce key documents at the same time. We wish to make these available either as a matter of transparency or to invite comment on:

Our trustees have introduced the Members’ Code of Conduct to encourage members to behave well towards one another, and towards KVA, to the mutual benefit of all. It is simple and light touch, but will provide a basis if KVA ever needs to take steps to ensure that the actions or behaviour of any member who doesn't keep to the code will not affect the proper functioning of KVA.

We are inviting comment on this document until 28th February 2015.

A document setting out the process to be followed if a member’s actions or standards of behaviour fall below that set out in the Code of Conduct will follow shortly.


Next steps and timing

The application to the Charity Commission to establish the new CIO was submitted on 19th December 2014. Subject to the Charity Commission’s consents as required. The Charity Commission registered KVA as a CIO on 10 February 2015.

KVA plans to transfer all undertakings, assets and liabilities to the new CIO at the financial year end, 31st March 2015, with closure of the old unincorporated organisation to follow as soon after as is practical.

(Note – effecting the transfer at the financial year end of March 31st makes the accounting simpler as there is only one ‘active’ organisation in each financial year. It is not a problem to do this a little later if that proves necessary for any reason).